The ERRAND of Angels

I graduated from singles Relief Society and moved into the married student Relief Society and the famous TVA (temple view apartments)!! Some were newly weds and were still on their honeymoon LOL and there was a feeling of completeness once one had settled with that eternal companion. This married student stage  was happy busy: sisters had babies or gotten sick, but no worries, their Relief Society sisters were lining up with meals and babysitting offers. Even with meager earnings, these women were ready to give. When we had a class or needed to take an exam or work, we watched each other’s kids. Visiting teaching was in full swing here where sisters cared for each other spiritually, emotionally, and temporally. There was so much learning and growing!! I felt these were the happiest people because they simply served. Friendships were cultivated. Sisterhood was strengthened. We volunteered time and talents to serve in our ward supporting a wiser community member who served as our bishop and his wife our Relief Society Advisor. Here I met some strong spiritual women. I’m so eternally grateful for their love of God and Jesus, their powerful righteous Christian examples that really strengthened my faith and devotion to God and Savior!! Here at one point, I worked as a Relief Society president. Ann our bishop’s wife was our advisor. She was simply the best! We needed her wisdom, counsel, and guidance and we became better at loving and serving because of her mentoring and my life has been richly blessed by our association as sisters of Relief Society.



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