Thanksgiving came and quickly left! My focus in November on developing charity was on “charity hopeth all things.” I must say that this word hope sometimes sounds “unhopeful”…at least for me. Whenever I say or hear someone says, “I hope I win” or “I hope you have a great day”, my head does a doubt spin and anticipates bad things will happen. Just so you know, I gave up doing surveys and entering sweepstakes because I never won a thing. I always hoped, but it never happened. Should I keep hoping though?

Anyway, what I learned about “hopeth all things” in November is described more eloquently by Leon Morris this way, “Always hopes is the forward look. This is not an unreasoning optimism that fails to take account of reality; it’s rather a refusal to take failure as final. It’s the confidence that looks to ultimate triumph by the grace of God.”

Definitely November was a hopeful month for me. I had been waiting for a very long time pleading praying waiting and waiting and waiting for this certain blessing to come. At times, I thought to give up, but hope kept me at it. I kept praying and waiting and it finally came and at the perfect time too. It was the best November surprise I’ve ever gotten. It was the “ultimate triumph by the grace of God” because He is in control all the time and He is good too. His timing is always perfect and because I trusted in Him and remained hopeful, my petitions and pleadings have been answered in a way that brought me peace, joy, and a desire to love Him even more by doing His will waiting on His blessings to arrive.

Jesus Christ is a perfectly hopeful being! He hopes every child of His will get back up after a fall – fall to sin, weakness, ignorance, and illness. In fact, they can if they turn to His hope. He, the hope of all mankind will bring perfect healing to all these infirmities and thorns in the flesh of His people when they believe in His atonement and resurrection.

I have a better outlook on this word hope and how it is connected to the Savior. He is “forward looking”. He knows our failures are not final; we can try again. He sees our tempers and all our weaknesses will not flare forever; we can try again practicing self-control and love. He understands our hearts will not be broken forever; He will mend them perfectly. He heals our sick bodies; some here and some in the resurrection. I can’t wait for that day! He recognizes our mortal beings succumb to sin, but these sins will not keep us unclean forever; we can bathe ourselves in His atonement and emerge as victors, not victims. He loves His child in ignorance; He provides others and means so this child gains knowledge to grow and reach full potential.

Charity hopes all things. ALL. THINGS. THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE VERY GOOD AND THE VERY BAD AND THE IN BETWEEN. “Forward looking” tells me that things have a way of working out and that way is Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the light and none that comes to Him will perish. He is HOPE! There is HOPE for everyone!!


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