Believe ALL things…

Happy October!! Hmmm what can I say about my journey to develop and become CHARITY. The month of October was about believing all things. This “believe all things” did not sit well with me because obviously it sounds like charity accepts truths and deceptions. How can that be? It goes against using good judgment and the spirit of truth.

Like I said in an earlier post, I prefer to use God and Jesus Christ to help me understand charity. Jesus Christ is charity; therefore, His power to love and believe is perfect. Jesus Christ is charity, so His ability to believe all things about all people is complete. That means He believes all of me, all of my mistakes, all of my sins, all of my good and bad intention, all of my failures and successes and all of my desires to do good or evil, yet He loves me perfectly for He is CHARITY. He knows perfectly that I will sin, that I will succumb to my dumbness, ignorance, and weaknesses of the flesh; yet, because He is CHARITY, He succors me and lifts me BELIEVING that I can be good and able to rise above my sins, mistakes, and weaknesses. THAT IS CHARITY – charity that believes all things and loves without boundaries. I have a long way to go, but with Jesus Christ, I can believe the same things about my fellow travelers and myself in this mortal journey.

THANK YOU OCTOBER FOR my new found knowledge! I feel better each month about my evolving understanding of charity and actions to develop it.


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