Are You Staying At The Four Seasons?

Rejoice in truths and not sin or iniquity and bear all things in August and September was not a staycation at the Four Seasons for me. As I’m learning to develop charity this year, I have come to realize that charity is NOT something that I give, but something that I need to get and to become part of me. When that becomes part of me, then it changes everything – the way I see people and things, the way I serve, the way I speak, dress, and do things. If I don’t have it, I can pray to fill with it. I used to think that when I give something, that is evident of charity in me; NOT. Many times I give because I know it is the right or kind thing to do, but I need to get to the point where when I give, it is because that’s who I am, that when I DO something to serve someone, it is not out of duty but because that is who I am. You see, I need to become CHARITY! That is still a WIP (work in progress) which I believe will be perfected when I get to meet Jesus who is CHARITY! I take comfort in the knowledge that I have breath to try and build charity again and again no matter how small and no matter how slow, fast, and far I can go.For a great thought on charity, hear this out:




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