Be Thankful

Source: Be Thankful

5 People I’m thankful for:

My God and Savior – He has never failed me. He listens and blesses me with what is best. He bears my trials and calms my soul.

My husband – Oh how I need him to complete and compliment me. He balances me out in every way. He is such a fantastic father to our children.

My dad – He is gone, but his sacrifices to raise me and my siblings are never forgotten. Because he wanted us to have a  better life than him, I am able to enjoy that life he never had. I’m not rich, but I’m not any near the hard life he knew.

My mom – She is the face of faithful and peaceful demeanor in the face of adversity. She would brave any trial trusting God’s timing. I love that example.

My children – I know I know there are three of them, but I appreciate their patience with this demanding mother and sometime very serious and strict lady as their mom. They love me despite this.

5 Things in 2O15 I’m thankful for:

  1. Our 2OO6 Honda Van – Every day I turn it on, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for it working; otherwise, my family would have had no way to get to the many places we need to be at on time.
  2. Ice and cold water – This year, Hawaii has been unusually hot. It’s October and it is still hot. When I get home, I immediately grab some ice with water. Ahhhh, refreshing!
  3. Air conditioner – Oh my, it is the first time I’ve come to appreciate AC in my whole life because it has been so hot in Hawaii. Sometimes I want to live in a fridge just to stay cool.
  4. Patches the cat – We don’t have any more bird poop on our deck because he chases all of the birds away. We don’t have a mice problem because he catches and takes care of these pests. Will always love having a cat around. Besides, he takes care of himself for the most part; we only have to feed him and take him to the vet!
  5. My Church – it has all of my spirit brothers and sisters with many talents that bless me and my family, the Lord’s teachings that keep us grounded in doing what is right. We each don’t have all of the talents, but ALL we can have it.



11 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. 5 people I’m thankful for:
    1. God
    2. My big and loving Family
    3 .Kristine (my friend)
    4. My teachers
    5. My two grandma’s and two grandpa’s


  2. 5 People i’m thankful for;

    1. Dad- I am very thankful of him because he allow us every day and take’s care of us.
    2. Mom- i am very thankful with my mom because she always called us with communication and make’s sure she knows that where in a good community even though we have the different island.
    3. Sisters- I am very thankful with my 5 sister because their always buy as food and their very kind of me.
    4. Aunt- We reach hawaii because of her she helped us when we had a problems i am thankful with her a lot.
    5. Grandmother- she always make’s me happy when i reach home even though she have a bad health she always cooked me a good food and i am thankful with her because she’ve done a lot of us .


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