Weekend in Molokai

Moloka’i Hawaii island: yes, they isolated the lepers there years ago and yes you can visit the island today. See this lady’s adventure on the island and go have your own adventure too!


My husband and I spent some time in Molokai this weekend.  We both had never been, so exploring the island and finding new things was part of the island adventure we both embraced!

The first stop we made was at Kanemitsu bakery.  The food was delicious!  We ordered the buttermilk hot cakes, spinach omelette, and kim chee fried rice with over easy eggs.  The portion sizes well suited to the cost of the dishes.


After we ate, we went to the Kalaupapa lookout and Phallic rock.  The view was breathtaking and the trail to the phallic rock was mesmerizing.  The area had signs explaining that the locations were all sacred to Hawaiians, and being there, one could truly feel a sense of reverence and beauty.  The stillness and majesty of nature here was so serene.  It was definitely worth the visit.

IMG_1462 IMG_1459  IMG_1463IMG_1464IMG_1467 IMG_1575

For lunch, we went to the Coffee…

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