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Just me…Photo 1My four loves in a nutshell.

Married 10 years and live in Sydney with my sweetheart David Lakisa.  Prior to #Eternities, biggest blessing was serving missions in Melbourne East and West. (2000-2001). Blessed with five rambunctious boys; Mika (3), Asher (5), Isaac (7), Kenyon (9) and Cahill (8) who keep my hands and hearts busy.

Grew up in Wellington, NZ with a crazy LDS family of nine siblings (3rd in line of royalty lol) where music and disney impersonations were a must! Mum (Teleise Solefai – Fagaloa, Upolu) met my member dad (Taavili Gasu – Satupa’itea, Savaii) and converted to the church after reading the Book of Mormon.

Loved being an Enrolled Nurse before becoming a full-time stay at home mum! On Saturdays you will find me screaming/cheering on my boys at their footy matches.  Sundays you will often see me with my Miamaids, advocating all things…

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