The World Is Watching:):)

I have international flags popping up at my blog! I get excited seeing names of different countries in the world with their honored flags up on my stats board. Even if it is just “1”, it counts for the happy curve around my mouth. For that, I want to say:

Faafetai Samoa and American Samoa!western samoaCam on Vietnam!vietnam

Dhan’yavāda India!  Yuspagara [jus.paˈɣa.ɾa] Bolivia! bolivia, india, australia, nz, usaXie xie & Doh je Hong Kong China! hong kong, am samoaMerci Switzerland!

switzerlandMah-roo-roo French Polynesia!french polynesiaTHANK YOU New Zealand, Australia, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, and USA

australia, nz, usacanadian readereuropean union

for visiting and reading my thoughts. I hope you have found elements of humanity in what I have shared and that it resounds what is in your stories as well. I would love to read yours too. See you all again soon.

Here’s to March!March summaryHere’s to April so far:

April summary

I want to thank those who have liked and followed my projects and blog, especially silverliningmama for your creativity which has brought the world together. You are a creative woman!!

If you are reading this, I thank you! Come again and feel free to share!


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