Daring to Change – 30 Days of Courage (Day 1: April 1, 2015)

Thanks to silverliningmama for the idea to start a challenge! She suggested courage for 30 days and I have been pondering that thought and challenge for a couple of weeks. I decided the month of April would be a good time to start. I believe this will help me refined in the process. I’m interested in new revelations about my own strengths and weaknesses in this process.

Day 1 – FASTER IS SLOW, SLOW IS FASTER is what someone told me some years ago. It means, if you rush trying to fix something, it will improve very slowly. But, if you go at it slow, improvements come quicker. If you knew me personally, you’d learn that I do not like unplanned events, last minute occurrences, and lack of planning. When this happens, my blood boils and I get in a very bad mood and will stress out the whole day; it feels that my world is failing and there is no recovery. I like planning everything in advance and envisioning good results. Today, April 1st, just as I pulled out of the driveway at 6:40am to drop off hubby at work and kids at school, my husband who was waiting to close the gate ran up to me and said, “Stop.” I thought I ran over someone. He told me one of the tires was completely flat. “What the heck” was my response. “Oh noooooo! I need to be at work. I don’t like traffic. I’m gonna be late” came out of my mouth all the same speed. I felt the pressure and negative emotions of unmet expectations. I’m very adamant at being early or on time to work, meetings, etc. I plan everything to include travel time so that I am stress less and meet my expectations.

Well, today didn’t pan out that way. How did I employ courage? I took courage to stay calm by giving my husband the keys to reverse the car back into the driveway, and let him put on the spare doughnut tire. It was hard, but I kept my mouth quiet, sent an emergency email to my boss and clerk about my situation, and continued to be calm. Usually, I would check every 5mins to see what time it is, but I didn’t. Usually, I would be yelling, “Is it done yet? Why are you so slow? Can you hurry up? I need to be at work on time.” But, I didn’t. I waited. I spent my time calling Geico about my insurance coverage for roadside assistance and towing my car to the dealer for tire repair (I ended up not needing it after all.) Through it all, I remained calmed. About 30mins later, my husband said, “It’s ready. Let’s go.” Really! It didn’t take that long? Wow, I was impressed. You mean when I remain calm, it actually affects others indirectly? It actually keeps everyone’s blood on regular temperature and flow? And, it actually makes things work out faster and smoother. Faster is slow, slow is faster. This courage to remain calm and slow to get stressed out or get mad is a blessing. Imagine me yelling, rushing my husband and son to put on that tire quickly, and stressing out! It would have been a “bad mood” day for my whole family. I might have said things that I would painfully regret later.

20150401_075424Now that the tire was on, I didn’t want to drive. I was scared of driving on the doughnut tire. I thought it was going to pop – it looked so small; how can it carry all the weight? My husband drove to drop off the kids, and then he got off leaving me with the car to get a new tire on. I was so nervous, but courage drove the car to the nearest Costco. I made it, but while I was driving I felt like walking of eggshells ha! I came to look at the flat tire and saw a piece of metal had pierced the tire and sucked life out of it. Costco tire technician looked at the tire and decided to repair, mount, and balance it for free since I bought the tire from there. Yay! What an added bonus to my first day of courage! Got my tires fixed, my blood is in a good happy mood, my family was not hurt in this “unplanned event”, and my car is on the road again!

I learned that courage is needed to slow down and be calm amidst challenges just like slowing down when approaching those unappreciated speed bumps on the road. Doing this brings new visions and joy to the journey like what I experienced today! In retrospect, that piece of metal pierced my tire and sucked life out of it; if I reacted my usual way, I would have pierced the hearts of my husband and children with my selfishness and unkind words and sucked life out of their day today. Thank goodness for courage! It had saved the day!



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