Believing “I Love You”

Please help me understand something. See, when I say, “I love you” to my mama, brothers, sisters, their kids and spouses, my husband, kids, and friends, I mean it. I mean it because I not only say it, but I have expressed that love in actions such as gifts, service, encouragement, prayer, fasting, conversations and the like. That’s how I give love. I’m sure, or at least I hope they have felt and known my love because they don’t complain when I show it. They don’t even say I lied or that I faked that love. I hope that if they didn’t feel that love, they would be honest to tell me so I can correct my love giving. When others that have helped, served, and supported me say they love me; I know and feel it because we have that connection. And oh how I love it when my good husband utters it many times throughout the day before he hangs up the phone, at night before he closes his eyes, and in the notes and texts he sends to me. That is very reassuring.

loveHowever, when someone I hardly know or don’t know at all says “I love you” or “I love all of you” in meetings, talks, and the like, I squirm and eventually brush it off and not think anything of it because I don’t remember showing acts of love to the individual and s/he hasn’t shown love to me. So, how do I know what they said is genuine? What do they mean when they say “I love you all” when they do not really know me. I’m sure they don’t hate me or think evil of me privately (I hope not), but let’s be honest, I have my natural woman moments they might not like if they knew Then what? Will they still say they love me? Also, when they say it, I don’t feel it…sorry, but it is true. I’m sure they are humans and good people, but I want to feel something when they express those three words. This not only happens in my local community; it happens to the world community as well. Think of how many famous singers, performers, and dancers at their live concerts. Music bumping, girls screaming, men drinking and all are having a good time, then, after an energetic powerful rendition, their idol would say to these faithful fans, “I love you!” Really? How do the fans know these “idols” love them when they don’t even know their phone numbers let alone their names? I work better knowing the “why” behind doing things, so when I hear this I want to know why. If you have uttered these words to others you hardly know, what do you mean when you say it? Why do you say it even when you hardly know the person? Help my unbelief. I want to learn so I don’t discount it and so I can appreciate someone else’s offering. I want to become a believer!


3 thoughts on “Believing “I Love You”

  1. It’s actually not happening to the world community, because Chinese and Japanese don’t usually say these three words. My Japanese teacher was asked how to say I love you in Japanese, he couldn’t exactly tell because Japanese people prefer to show it. Same as Chinese, I never said I love you in Chinese to anyone, because it’s weird and I’m very shy… And these three words are very serious to me.


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