How to hike Hawaii Likeke Falls!

Be careful with some of the hiking trails in Hawaii; many hikers have been lost and hurt while hiking unstable trails that they saw on the internet, but you can trust this family friendly hiking trail to find a beautiful cold refreshing waterfall called Likeke Falls.


My favorite part of the drive from home to Likeke Falls Hawaii on H3 to Kaneohe – mountains and green all around me!


The longest tunnel in Hawaii

insidethetunnelGoing through the tunnel. We hold a competition to see who can hold his/her breath the longest. Dad always wins!

tunnelexit2Exit the tunnel and you see this beautiful view towards the Kaneohe Marine Base Hawaii

tunnelexitYou need to GPS Koolau Golf Course; it’s the easiest way to get to Likeke Falls and that’s where you’ll park and find the trail.

Look for this huge water tank covered with beautiful graffiti. Turn left right onto the trail which is right before the water tank.

10450828_10204533972413099_6149583338359647018_nListen to the songs of the birds or look up and you will see the Koolau mountains and beautiful vistas above.

viewfromtrail1girlsontrailOn this trail are tons of kukui nut trees. If you see tourists wearing leis with round black shiny nuts, they are kukui nuts. It takes a lot of efforts to smooth and shine them.

kukuinutsYou can play with the trees and branches along the way and admire how beautiful deep inside the wood can be. It is serene with birds singing, trees rubbing against each other making beautiful noises.

monkeymarann crisscrosshibiscus dadbeingamonkey amongthewildhibiscusWhen you get to this tree (see picture below), you need to turn right and follow the trail to the waterfall. Be careful, it is easy to miss it and you may find yourself way off course and you’d need to backtrack.

thetreeTake the trail all the way till you get to the waterfall and enjoy yourself. Drop in the water pool and bask in the coolness of fresh spring water! Take pictures and stay for a little while. Enjoy the beauty serene environment. Don’t be surprised if more hikers join you. Many mothers hike and carry their little ones up there too. Just listen to the giggles and pleasant “wows”, “uuuus”, “aaaas”, and laughter of kids and adults alike. This is exactly why God created this earth and everything in it – for our happiness! No one looks at a beautiful flower and gets mad, right? No one finds a waterfall and gets angry either. God cares about our happiness, so He beautified the earth to gladden all of our hearts.

     ahhfreshspringwater girlsontopofwaterfall



I’m grateful I have become a Likeke Falls hiker! I too have experienced that happiness! Go get some!

© itssofai


2 thoughts on “How to hike Hawaii Likeke Falls!

  1. It’s an amazing adventure! I wish I could go to the Likeke Falls with my family and friends someday to hear the “beautiful noises” of nature and experience the “happiness” God gifts to us.


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